Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 in review, pt 3, weddings & portraits

This is the third in this short series of posts where I pick out a few favourite photos taken during 2012 and share them with you. This set is of people and draws from both wedding and portrait shoots, here's my selection:

I think this has become my current favourite wedding photo, bride at a window at Linlithgow Palace:

And the couple outside the palace enjoying the sunshine. The wonderful mkII Jaguar was supplied by Prestige Cars of Grangemouth.

A reason this couple made for such lovely photographs was the fact that they had enjoyed an engagement shoot previously, so had been given some coaching on posing in front of the camera. In my experience most couples shy away from an engagement shoot but it does help make things a bit more relaxed on the actual wedding day.

This was taken just after a humanist ceremony on the beach at South Queensferry, here with the Forth Bridge in the background:

Bride and bridesmaid on the beach.

And lets not forget the men, here the groom and groomsmen arrive at the church:

A possible Tommy Cooper impression as this juggler balances a sphere on his head:

Family portrait shoot, here grandmother and grandchild:

I just love this one for the way we managed to have the dog and his toy included, he steals the scene:

And finally a portrait of father and daughter together:

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