Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking back, best of 2013

One of the lovely things with photographs is going back to look at them and rediscovering all those partially forgotten moments. As well as the usual social photography there have also been a few personal projects and a significant move towards black & white photographs. With that in mind here is a round-up of some of my favourites from the previous year.

Victoria & Gary's wedding was an opportunity to get some dramatic film-noir style shots:

And I've also been honing my skills in photographing some of the wedding preparation details, here are examples of the rings and the shoes:

While on the home front its the big family groups that are in demand but I tend to like the individual shots, here portrait shots of a 'senior' dog and young girl are typical:

Personal Projects
I've started what I've dubbed my mini-people series, a fun play with scale and perspective. This one is 'data mining':

And horses still feature, I enjoyed taking a set of a farrier hot shoeing:

Fine Art
This is perhaps one of the areas that has received a large amount of my time and effort. I've been exploring the Scottish landscape with a view to aspects of habitation, including many unusual or abandoned buildings:

And I'm excited to say that I will have a book (self-publish) ready soon, landscapes that blend fine art with a touch of social documentary, here's a teaser image:

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